The Bhavan is a uniquely interesting place to work. It is one of only a few places outside India that teaches and nurtures the understanding of the whole spectrum of classical Indian arts in the age-old traditional Indian way. As you enter a music classroom in The Bhavan you could be walking into a classroom at a music school in any Indian city. You will see racks of tabla or mridangam drums, or neat rows of sitars or vinas. Pupils sit on the floor at the feet of their teacher, and on a table next to the teacher is a picture of their own teacher as a mark of respect. Master sitar player Ravi Shankar said “If there is one place in the UK where Indian art and culture is taught and practised in the true traditional sense, it is without doubt The Bhavan”.

We are looking for individuals who enjoy the thrill of education, who enjoy working as a team to create a satisfying experience for our students, and who find the idea of working in a musical and dance environment invigorating.

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