My experience in BVB was absolutely unforgettable! I am so happy I had the privilege to participate in this program while meeting some of the most amazing people and musicians I’ve ever met.

Archana Updhaya, London

BVB was a wonderful experience to have. It was great being around a group of people with the same desire to excel and improve with their instruments.

Mathew, London

BVB was a camp that brought me closer to the musical community and allowed me to grow as a musician. Being able to spend a week with a group of kids who love doing what I do was truly inspirational, and allowed me to appreciate music so much more.

Srinivas Readdy, London

Every master class teacher was so helpful and helped me grow as a musician. One of the best times I had was when I got the privilege of conducting the higher level ensemble in the concert.

Soumya Nair, London