Karigari London is back again for an annual celebration of Handcrafted creations from the talented artisans of India. The event epitomises a celebration of Karigari (craftsmanship), and there will be talks and workshops to enable visitors to engage with the experience of ethnic traditions and making. Karigari London designers hope that their showcase will help further the visitor's interest and appreciation of the living artistic traditions of India and the artisans and the makers behind the works on sale. The designers are Dimple Design Ltd, Jyoti Chandok Ltd, Sanskara Designs, Shinjinart and The Far East Studios.


20 Sept: 3 pm-7 pm

21 Sept: 11 am-7.30 pm

22 Sept: 11 am- 6 pm

23 Sept: 11 am - 4 pm


Booking for this event has now closed.