Padmabhushan, Sangita Kalanidhi Sudha Ragunathan’s voice enthralls listeners worldwide. Initially trained by her mother, Smt. Choodamani she flourished under the tutelage of Vidwan Sri B.V Lakshman. In 1977, Sudha had the opportunity to study under Padmabhushan Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. M.L. Vasanthakumari, beginning her musical journey to becoming MLV’s vaarisu.Her gurukul, Sudhaarnava continues the GNB/MLV legacy. Sudha Ragunathan’s performance will be preceded by a by The Bhavan’s upcoming artists Ragavi and Shyana Gopi Raj, students of Smt Sivashakti Sivanesan.

Tickets: £20, £15, £12

(£2 off for students with online booking)

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