India's two main streams of classical music echo each other - even as they flow in different directions.

Mala Ramadorai is one of the few classical singers today who has masterfully struck a balance between both forms of Indian classical music.  She personifies a double-sided mirror that reflects them both in a balanced intensity, thus bringing out a truly unique experience of classical Indian heritage. Mala continuously works to generate more awareness about both Hindustani and Carnatic forms.

While the concert will be an exposition in the Hindustani classical style a few Kritis will be woven in to the musical fabric. 

Born into the tradition of Carnatic Music, Mala started learning from the renowned maestro Shri Ayyalore Krishnan at the age of 8yrs.Years later her interest in Khayal singing lead her to seek a Master’s degree in Hindustani Music. Pt Yeshwant Bua Joshi, the doyen of the Gwalior gharana honed her skill and encouraged her to perform. Very fortunate to have some guidance from the late Vidhwan Lalgudi Jayaraman, Mala continues her education under Shri Satyasheel Deshpande. 

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