Violin is an integral part of any Carnatic music concert for almost a century now. The Indian violin is a widely utilised instrument as an accompanying instrument and over the recent few decades has been a very popular solo instrument too. The music primarily taught at The Bhavan is Carnatic. A violinist takes at least 5-6 years to decide if they want to branch out to Carnatic or Hindustani Music. Violin is also a very popular Western instrument. Violin is one instrument that has gained popularity across many genres of music like, Indian, Bollywood, Turkish, Arabic, Western Classical and Jazz and many others.

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Balu Raguraman

"I love the rich history and unbeatable melody of the violin – it’s what drives my passion for the instrument."

Balu is a talented Karnatic violinist and has performed extensively around the world. He has had the privilege of supporting some of India’s greatest artists including Dr. M Balamurali Krishna, Dr. N Ramani, and Umayalpuram Shivaraman. Balu is an innovative and adaptable musician who is actively involved in The Bhavan’s collaborative music series Bhinna Abhinna. He is a Fellow of Trinity College London.

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