Violin is an integral part of any Carnatic music concert for almost a century now. Although North India had no shortage of stringed instruments played with a bow and suitable for vocal accompaniment, it was the European-style violin that found a natural home in the classical music of South India where it is now an indispensable part of a vocal, instrumental or dance performance. By and large, it is the same instrument with which western classical musicians are familiar but it is tuned differently and played using an entirely different technique to suit the needs of Carnatic music.

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Balu Raguraman

"I love the rich history and unbeatable melody of the violin – it’s what drives my passion for the instrument."

A Fellow of Trinity College, London, Balu Raguraman is a talented Carnatic violinist who has performed extensively around the world, including appearing with musicians from Western classical, jazz and African music traditions. He is known as an innovative and adaptable musician who has worked with some of the greatest maestros of our time including the famous Dr. Balamurali Krishna, Dr. N Ramani, and Umayalpuram Shivaraman. He is also involved in The Bhavan’s special music series “Bhinna Abhinna”, a collaborative project featuring musicians from different genres and styles.

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