The magnificence of Indian art and heritage is a direct consequence of various elements coming together and instilling a unique, aesthetic factor. The Hindustani flute is THE most simple instrument but the effect it has on the overall music environment is laudable. Made from the Bamboo plant, the Flute is linked to Lord Krishna, the most famous Hindu mythological deity. The flute is used differently to add substance to both Carnatic as well as Hindustani Music, only that the flute used in Carnatic Music is slightly shorter in length than its North Indian counterpart.

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Clive Bell

"I was introduced to a wave of Indian sounds during the seventies which was when I found the Indian flute - and that’s when my lifelong passion began ... It’s the most perfect instrument."

Clive began his studies of Indian music and Bansuri (flute) in 1974. He studied both in India and London during the 70s with various teachers including the flute maestro Raghunath Seth in Mumbai. Since returning from India in the early 80s he has continued his pursuit of the Bansuri through solo concerts in the UK and USA, as an accompanist, and involvement in film, theatre and fusion work.

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