One of the most celebrated forms of Indian art, Hindustani Vocal is an ancient Indian classical art form that was, since it first came into being, substantially influenced by Islamic art propensities. Mostly patronized in India’s Northern states, Hindustani Vocal is characterized by variable redundant musical notes. Both Hindu, as well as Islamic musicians of the ancient times, have contributed immensely to the mellowness of Hindustani Music. It goes without saying that Hindustani Music is associated with rather unsurpassed soothing and assuasive components. Also, this art form impregnates a prodigious devotional and uplifting quotient, making it one of the most widely acclaimed art forms in India and the world. The bewitching ghazals and engaging classical notes make this form of music complete and consummate.

Levels Taught: Foundation, Diploma and Post-Diploma

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Chandrima Misra

"Seeing the transition students go from young, untrained, raw voices to well-groomed polished performers gives me infinite happiness."

An inspiring and meticulous teacher, Chandrima Misra counts herself extremely lucky to have received training from one of the most sought-after gurus, Ustad Munawar Ali Khan of the Patiala Gharana. One of her career highlights was working with the late Pandit Ravi Shankar on a project at Dartington Hall in Devon in 2003, to create a new work involving Western and Indian musicians. She is a Fellow of Trinity College London.

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