Perhaps the most ancient of all the world’s languages, Sanskrit has one of the most advanced grammatical systems. The very essence of Indian art, culture, history, and philosophy is embedded in this great language which is also known for its precision and profundity. Sanskrit is considered to be the mother of all Indian languages.

Levels Taught: GCSE, A-Level

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Dipak Shah

As an ardent student of Sanskrit and a teacher for over 30 years, I have endeavored to dispel the myth that Sanskrit is a difficult language to learn or that Sanskrit has to be learnt by rote. At The Bhavan, I have been conducting classes for beginners as well as IGCSE, AS and A levels, and also for those who wish to learn for their own inspiration.

In the Vedas, it is stated that “speech is the essence of humanity” and in Sanskrit (derived from root saṃskṛ, meaning that which has been made perfect), we have the perfect means to learn from the repository of highest wisdom.

Learning Sanskrit in a structured way, the harmony of sound, word, and meaning will introduce you to the amazing creations of the language, be they in spiritual, philosophy, literature, music, yoga or science. I hope I can inspire many more to learn this sublime language.

Dr. Susana Marin who has been learning from him since 2013 says: "An excellent course, very well structured and delivered. It has been a pleasure to study Sanskrit with such a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher"

Dr Radha Bhat

My objective in life is to promote Sanskrit as a vibrant, lively and a perfect language and inspire all to enjoy the beauty, spirituality and fun aspects embedded in it’.

Dr. Radha Bhat is a Medical Practitioner and a Medical Educator in the health service. She has dedicated her voluntary service to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London over the past several decades for teaching and promoting Sanskrit for the benefit of hundreds of learners in the UK.

Radha Bhat has played a valuable role in helping to establish Sanskrit studies at Bhavan for well over 35years and taught a very diverse group of students from a wide age range and cultures. Well over two hundred students have been trained and have progressed from the basics of reading, writing, to learn to converse, learn songs, translate short stories, learn chanting, decipher the meaning of gems of mantras from Vedas, Upanishads, and verses from Bhagavad Gita.

Radha Bhat as a volunteer teacher has inspired many students to advance levels towards GCSE and A level studies in Sanskrit, enables those students to prepare for these highly valued qualifications by teaching and guiding through the recommended formal syllabus set by GCSE and A-level Examination Boards.

Many other students who have continued with advanced level study with her, are going through Classical Sanskrit plays, both prose, and poetry. She also assists in conducting the regular Ramayana classes at Bhavan.

Dr. M.N. Nandakumara 


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